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How to Build a Simple High-end Fish Tank Landscaping.

How to Build a Simple High-end Fish Tank Landscaping.

Fish culture is a kind of fun and also a kind of knowledge. Many novices don't know how to start making fish tank landscaping. In fact, there are rules to follow in fish tank landscaping. Stones, driftwood, aquatic plants, and other materials can be used for landscaping.

Here is a specific example to explain the creation method of fish tank landscaping:

1. Choose a fish tank

When choosing a fish tank, many factors including the size, appearance, and quality of the aquarium should be considered. A good aquarium is like a beautiful picture frame, which can present the scenery perfectly. You can choose the Minjiang River glass fish tank, which is cheap and very good, besides, it is suitable for being placed at home and office.

2. Lay the heating belt at the tank bottom

Heating wires can be used to paved the heating belt at the bottom of the fish tank. From the perspective of safety, it is recommended to use a low-voltage DC power supply, and the temperature control can be realized through the temperature controller.

3. Lay the matrix

Before drawing off the water, lay a layer of the matrix on the bottom of the fish tank. There are many kinds of matrix including black galaxy, granular ceramic sand, white Philippine sea sand, quartz sand, gold sand, etc. You can choose different types of the matrix according to your own favorable style.

4. Place stones and driftwood

Set landscape stone and add driftwood in the fish tank to complete the whole large framework, and reserve the space for planting water plants in the future. Of course, you can determine the theme of the landscaping according to your preference, and then add water to 40% of the full water level.

In addition to landscaping stones and driftwood, bamboos and artificial landscapes can be put into the fish tank. In order to prevent the objects from floating, fishing lines can be used to bind the stones before putting them into the tank.

5. Arrange water plants

The water plants need to be planted on the matrix after adding water, but the water plants need to be pruned, and too long roots and rotten leaves should be cut before planting them. The planting spacing should not be too close for seedings, because there should be a certain space for their future growth.

When everything is ready, you can fill up the water, and turn on the circulating pump and the light. Then the water quality enters a stable stage. The ornamental fish can be put into the fish tank after several days.

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