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By Senzeal | 28 January 2021 | 0 Comments

How to Reduce the Noise for Fish Tank Water Pump?

How to Reduce the Noise for Fish Tank Water Pump?

The noise of the water pump is produced by the parts in the pump or the flowing medium in the pump. To reduce the noise, it is necessary to carefully analyze the noise source and improve the structure of the sound source or the motion state of the medium. The causes of the noise from the fish tank water pump are as follows:

1. The mechanical noise of the water pump

There are many reasons for mechanical noise. The generation of the mechanical noise is often accompanied by the vibration of the fish tank water pump. The internal reasons for the pump itself: the rigidity of the pump body is poor, and the sound source forms when the cavitation of the pump occurs; the poor rigidity of the impeller can also lead to the above results. When the rigidity of the water pump is poor or the match of the cross-sectional area at the guide vane inlet and the inlet edge thickness is not reasonable, the noise generated by the violent vibration in the pump may be caused. Secondly, relatively high-frequency noise will also be generated due to the contact friction between the parts on the pump rotor and the non-rotating pump body.

Other causes of the mechanical noise are the external structure of the water pump and installation problems. For example, the unreasonable design of the pump base, the low rigidity, and the defects in the concrete filling under the base will lead to the hollow phenomenon. In addition, The decentration of the water pump and the motor causes the vibration of the rotor and produces noise. In a word, the external noise is easy to be detected and eliminated.

2. The electromagnetic noise of the water pump

The electromagnetic noise is produced by an electric motor. The voltage instability causes the electromagnetic vibration; the eccentric air gap of the rotor is uneven, which makes the electromagnetic noise increase; the motor winding fault causes the imbalance of the magnetic field, which makes the motor produce a kind of deep roar; the bar of the asynchronous motor rotor is broken, the motor torque reduces and the load current fluctuates, so the fluctuation of noise occurs.

3. The hydraulic noise of the water pump

The hydraulic noise of the water pump is caused by hydraulic vibration, and the noise of the fish tank water pump is the lowest when it runs in the highest efficiency area. This is the result of obtaining the best and the most reasonable value of each hydraulic parameter in hydraulic design. When it deviates from the design condition, the noise level is high and the damage will be serious.

The main principle of solving the noise of fish tank water pump is to eliminate the resonance:

First, fix the pipeline. The loud noise may be caused by the water pump or the resonance of the connected pipeline. Fix the pipeline with silica gel can eliminate the resonance;

Second, if the water pump is directly placed on the table or hung on the wall, there will produce a resonance. If the water pump is hung with a rope, the sound will be very low. The test method: simply lift the water pump at home by hand. If the noise reduces, you can start to hang it.

Third, a leather pad or filter cotton pad can be added to the fish tank water pump to reduce the resonance and greatly reduce the noise. If it still doesn't work with this method, hang the water pump.

Fourth, you can put the fish tank water pump outside the fish tank, and make a box for sound insulation. Then you can hardly hear the noise.


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